CCTV cameras

Cameras with integrated twisted pair transmitter

The SANTEC CCTV cameras of the "WDPU" series are equipped with an integrated twisted pair transmitter with RJ-45 connector. Hence a direct link with a twisted pair receiver can be established using a network cable. The CAT5 cable transmits the video picture from the camera and the receiver supplies the power.

A flyer on twisted pair technology is available here .

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SANTEC VTC-8000 camera series

The SANTEC cameras of the VTC-8000 series are innovative and comprise a technology which is unique to the market. Thus these cameras are ideal for demanding applications.

The integrated G-sensor triggers an alarm if the camera is sabotaged or moved. Moreover, the G-sensor serves as an optical tool for a perfect and fast installation. Latest CCD and DSP technology enable excellent pictures at
a very high resolution, hence perfect round-the-clock application. The built-in active twisted pair transmitter ensures easy installation. The cameras have an integrated self-test function which indicates – via LEDs on the camera’s front panel – the current camera status and immediately signals potential malfunctions.

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his vandal-proof camera in a IP-66 housing has a very high resolution.
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The proven day/night camera  has now even more flexible application options than before.
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