HD-SDI cameras

The High-Definition Closed-Circuit Television (HD-CCTV) standard is the next step in CCTV standards for transmitting video signals via a RG59 cable. Up to now, RG59 cables were only used for transmitting video pictures in PAL or NTSC format. Like for HDTV television standards, HD-SDI standards have now been developed. As a basis, existing broadcast technologies were used (HD-SDI standard). Here, high definition (HD) pictures with up to 2 mega pixel resolution can be transmitted via a RG59 cable.

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SANTEC SanStore HDX-Rekorder

The new compact recorders for HD-SDI applications.
Full HD resolution using a coax cable.


  • 4 / 8 /16 video chanels
  • Auto Detect for D1, 960H, HD-SDI (1080p, 720p), 
  • incl. 2 TB or 4 TB storage


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HD-SDI speed dome

Full HD speed dome for indoor and outdoor applications.
20x optical zoom and 2 MP resolution!


  • 20x optical zoom / 12x digital zoom 
  • Pictures with 2 mega pixel (1080p) via coax cable
  • Indoor and outdoor speed domes


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Full HD monitors for HD-SDI applications

Monitor SLM-2400HD has specially been developed for HD-SDI applications!


  • 24" (61 cm) screen diagonal
  • 1x HD-SDI input
  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080)


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