Part no.
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4 x IVS license ADVANCED
for NUUO SCB software

The NUUO Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) system provides advanced, accurate video analytic for both IP and analog cameras. The IVS engine can track, classify and analyze the behavior of individual or group of objects over long distance to greatly improve parameter security and monitoring efficiency. The COUNTING Lizenz contains all IVS functions.

Technical specifications:

TypeSoftware license
number of licenses4
People counting (IVA+)Yes
Vehicle countingYes
Tamper detectionYes
Presence (trip wire)Yes
Object Apear and disappear (IVA)Yes
Enter and exitYes
Loitering detection (IVA)Yes
IVS stop detectYes
Suitable forNUUO SCB Software (from 4.0)
570557 / SCB-IP-P-IVS-A04