Thermal cameras

Thermal imaging camera from SANTEC: Seeing through in the dark

The thermal imaging camera generates images based on the thermal radiation emitted by objects, vehicles or people. Therefore, these cameras also work in complete darkness and provide images even in difficult visibility conditions, allowing you to detect suspicious activities at an early stage and take appropriate measures. You do not need any additional lighting for this. Thus, monitoring by a thermal imaging camera is possible in 24/7 operation.

Well protected with infrared 

Unlike conventional cameras, thermal imaging cameras work by receiving infrared radiation. Based on the wavelength of the rays, temperatures can be detected and imaged. Warmer objects such as people located within the image can thus be detected by the thermal imaging camera even in complete darkness. Even adverse conditions such as smoke, fog, dust or haze do not limit the function of the thermal imaging camera and allow it to be used in different environments. This technology is not only used by the military or at airports to protect runways against animals and people, but also for monitoring companies. Hybrid systems (thermal and real images in one camera) are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Increased safety through thermal imaging camera with temperature measurement

Thermal imaging cameras with temperature measurement enable remote maintenance of transformers, motors and robots, as well as monitoring of machinery and equipment. Wear is thus detected at an early stage and maintenance costs and downtimes are minimized.

As an early warning system, these cameras are also used in sensitive facilities where high heat can occur unintentionally, possibly resulting in a fire hazard. E.g. wood storage, recycling plants, bio-compost & gas plants.

Buying a thermal imaging camera: SANTEC will gladly advise you
If you want to buy a thermal imaging camera, but are not sure which model is best suited for your purposes - feel free to contact us. The experts at SANTEC will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems and will find a thermal imaging camera for you in the usual SANTEC quality. We make sure that you buy the right thermal imaging camera in any case. Just give us a call or write to us! SANTEC is also your partner around the topic of surveillance camera and IP camera .